The famous designer Michael Kors

Michael Kors was founded in the 1980 ‘s, initially keeping a low profile. When Michael Kors became popular in the 90, LVMH, the French fashion group, received Michael Kors, who presided over Celine’s ready-to-wear designs. Two seasons later, the design studio was impressed by the American design and signed a five-year contract with him. LVMH also bought a one-third stake in Michael’s Kors business. People love his design, once Michael Kors needs to go nonstop to Michael Kors and Celine headquarters in New York and Paris, but now he’s focused on doing Mk. His motto is: “It’s not evil to be able to make clothes that can be worn.” “This concept of truth-wearing has been welcomed by women across all ages.

Many stars include Lopez, Klum, our familiar supermodel Miranda . And so obsessed with Michael Kors’s design. Some star was nominated as the Oscar for Best Actress award ceremony wearing Michael Kors design. During Michael Kors’s tenure as creative director at Celine, he has been designing costumes for many films. So this brand operation is good, not to make people feel low-end, but also not to make people feel unattainable.

The Chinese market will become increasingly important for light luxury brand like Michael Kors. Michael Kors CEO John Idol earlier noted that the expansion of the world’s potential market and the revival of the menswear market were the key to two of Michael Kors’s growth, and yesterday Michael Kors held a five anniversary celebration of Greater China, In the downturn of domestic fashion retailing.

Michael Kors began entering China market in 2011, and during the 5-year period, Michael Kors expanded into 100 stores in Greater China, selling $200 million, and China has become one of Michael Kors’s most important potential markets, In the third quarter of the last fiscal year, its performance in China rose at least 20% year-on-year. To prove its long-term confidence in the Chinese market.

If Michael Kors enter market in 2005, the most glorious time of the traditional top luxury goods, consumers only buy the most expensive luxury brands with large logos, the light luxury is not favored by consumers, the real middle class is slowly evolving from the 2010 group, they need a cost-effective, Affordable products also provide the best opportunity for Michael Kors to rise in the Chinese market.